What we do

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Food for Charities picks up food from supermarkets and wholesalers that would otherwise be thrown away, and delivers it to charities in Banbury, for free.  This helps to reduce food waste and food poverty.

We need your help!  We are looking for

WE URGENTLY NEED DRIVERS OVER 25 WHO OWN THEIR OWN CAR to pick up and deliver food.  A typical shift is once a week or once a fortnight, 2-3 hours on a weekday

Helpers, who help a driver to load and unload food

Organisers to organise the rota, liaise with suppliers and charities, improve this website (!), and generally help to run Food for Charities

Fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and dairy products – from your garden, allotment, left over from a party etc.

We will train you and support you.  Please contact Valerie at bvrichards@tiscali.co.uk  or 01295 369518.


Charity Commission no. 1159862

Annual report

Banbury Food for Charities annual report 2016