What we do

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The idea behind our Banbury Food for Charities is very simple: recycling excess food to support the vulnerable.

We have no premises, paid staff or vehicles. Instead our volunteers use their own cars to pick up excess fresh food from supermarkets and deliver it straight away to 16 local registered Charities. Our regular suppliers include Aldi, Sainsbury, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Waitrose and Produce Warriors. As you can imagine, quantities vary from day to day, so we try to even them out by spreading deliveries over four days a week allowing the Charities to have more than one delivery if they choose.

Our 16 charities represent a full range of the most vulnerable people, including mothers and babies, children and young people at risk, the homeless, the elderly, those with mental health and educational issues, women needing refuge and the homeless. It is truly humbling to see these charities in action.

Last year we quantified the food we saved from bio-digester or land fill as equivalent to a builders skip every month. This year we are handling even more. What a great way to avoid food waste!

Valerie Richards

Email: banburyfood4charities@gmail.com

Registered Address: 47 Park Road, Banbury. OX16 0DH


Charity Commission no. 1159862

Annual report

Food for Charities: Trustee annual report 2017